3rd PhD Forum

Language. Literature. Politics. 1918-2018. (Un)doing Nationalism and Resistance

University of Klagenfurt
20th – 22nd September, 2018

The overall aim of the conference was the scientific exchange between PhD students of the Alps-Adriatic region on the topic of the languages not only of nationalisms, but also of critique and resistance based on the analysis of narrative, rhetoric, and argumentative strategies, as well as the use of metaphors, images, and other devices of communication. The conference had an interdisciplinary approach.

Further information: https://conference.aau.at/event/150/

Journal Colloquium:

2nd PhD Students’ Conference

From Food to Health

University of Trieste
28th – 30th August, 2017

The general topic was intended to consider an ideal path leading from Food to Health (i.e. nutrition, nutraceuticals and nutrigenomics, natural products and health, metabolomics and other omics, microbiome, molecular oncology, biomaterials, biotechnology, traceability, biodiversity …) through scientifically relevant issues (societal impact of biomedical technologies) and to finally understand how to transfer this knowledge not only to scientists and experts, but also to the broad audience (scientific communication).

Further information: https://www.units.it/news/aarc-2nd-phd-students-conference

1st AARC PhD Students Conference

Environment and Sustainable Energy

University of Maribor
24th – 25th November, 2016

The overall aim of the conference was the transfer of knowledge, ideas and experiences between various universities within the Alps-Adriatic region on the topic of Environment and Sustainable Energy.

Further information: https://www.um.si/en/international/about/Pages/PhD_AARC.aspx