In order to encourage young scientists of the Alps-Adriatic region to do research crucial to the region itself, the Alps-Adriatic Rectors’ Conference (AARC) is proud to announce the newly established Alps-Adriatic Scientific Award.

Students, graduates and PhD graduates from institutions in the Alps-Adriatic region who have written a scientific thesis focusing on the Alps-Adriatic region’s issues are cordially invited to apply for the award.

Topics & disciplines

The topic of the scientific thesis shall focus on different EU or European issues, while at the same time being strongly related to the Alps-Adriatic region as defined in the Statutes of the AARC. The range of topics admitted may combine various academic disciplines, e.g. by addressing rural development, regional policy, linguistic and cultural diversity, arts, economic, political and legal issues, health and wellbeing, living together in the Alps-Adriatic region or similar as defined with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

Theses from all disciplines as clustered within the European Research Council (ERC) and in all languages of the AARC (i.e. Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Serbian, Slovene and English as lingua franca) may be submitted.


Following a peer review by members of the Alps-Adriatic Rectors’ Conference and external reviewers, the most outstanding scientific works will be awarded as follows:

  • PhD dissertation (1 Award, endowed with 700,- Euro)
  • Diploma/Master’s thesis (2 Awards, endowed with 400,- Euro each)

Call for Applications

The first Call for Applications opens on 4 November 2022, with the application deadline on 30 November 2022 (23:59).

Further information on the application requirements and procedure can be found in the official Call for Applications.

Applications are to be submitted via the application portal.

The Alps-Adriatic Rectors’ Conference (AARC) encourages all students, graduates and PhD graduates of the Alps-Adriatic region who fulfil the criteria to apply for the Awards and is looking forward to receiving your application!