Danube:Future Project

A sustainable future for the Danube River Basin as a challenge for the interdisciplinary humanities endorsed by AARC

Riverine landscapes have been changed by humankind for millennia. This is particularly true for the Danube River Basin (DRB), which consists of highly dynamic ecological and political systems. The river basin of the ca. 2,800 km long Danube is shared by 19 countries with approx. 81 million people, and covers an area of ca. 800.000 km2 . Humans have lived there from at least the Mesolithic period onwards. The DRB is the most international river basin in the world.

The DRB hosts a plethora of environmental problems, environmental legacies abound; and conflicts over resource use are particularly intense in its riverine landscapes. The Danube plays an important part for the development of a climate-friendly trans-European transportation network.

Danube:Future aims at developing interdisciplinary research and education in the DRB simultaneously as a basis for the solution of pressing environmental issues and a sustainable future of the region.

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